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Tarrago - Hightech Nano Leather Refresh -

Tarrago - Hightech Nano Leather Refresh

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Waterproof plus self-cleaning effect. When sprayed onto a product, the fibers are covered with nanoparticles, which prevent the penetration of water and contaminants into the structure of the material. Its altered structure not only prevents water and mud from clinging to the material, but also itself begins to repel the particles of water and mud that fall on it (the "lotus effect"). The nanostructured surface formed transmits air molecules, which makes it possible for the article to "breathe".

Suitable for HIGH-TECH membranes, smooth skin.

Clean shoes or clothes with a brush to remove dust and dirt from the surface. Shake the can. Evenly apply the product from a distance of 20 cm, wait until the agent has dried and rubbed with a brush or a soft cloth.

    Country of origin: Spain


    Color ::18 BLACK

    Problem ::Dirt, Loss, Loss of Luster, Loss of Color

    Skin type ::All - TEX, Hi - Tech, Smooth delicate leather, Smooth skin, Smooth skin / combination of different colors, For all types of leather, Suede, Leatherette, Combination smooth

    Application type:Auto-shine, Restores color, Protects, Impregnates, Cleans

    Product Type ::Spray

    Packaging type ::Aerosol


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