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MP Magazine Pull 7.62 NATO

MP Magazine Pull 7.62 NATO

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Rubber sleeves slip over magazines to provide a finger loop and non-slip grip for fast magazine changes. Slip-on fit, no gunsmithing required.

Technical Information

Magazine Fit by Type:

  • 5.56 NATO (223 Rem) - US GI AR-15 20 round and 30 round, Steyr AUG, Thermold, Orlite, HK 53, Galil (5.56), Sig 550 (with modification)
  • 7.62 NATO (308 Win) - HK 91, HK G3, FAL, FAL Thermold, M14, SR25, AR-10, Note: the 7.62 model will stretch to fit most similar sized magazines
  • 9mm, 45 ACP - HK MP5, Steyr AUG 9mm, Colt 9mm, Uzi, Mac 10, Mac 11/9, Sterling/Sten, Swedish K, Note: the 9mm model will also stretch to fit most 45 ACP and 40 S&W submachine gun magazines

  • Installs by stretching over the base of the magazine, providing a finger loop for fast magazine changes and a rough gripping surface. MagPul is removable and reusable.
  • Finger loop will fold over for use in most magazine pouches, however there may not be enough clearance with a tight-fitting pouch cover. MagPul was designed for use with the standard military issue pouches rather than concealment-type pouches

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