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Foam Blasters

There are many brands and models of aftermarket parts and accessories for NERF or third party blasters. Black Tactical will try our best to test and bring in the better ones. We can't possibly keep stock for every single accessory, so if there is something you want, email us, we will check and test to see if its worth to bring in or not.

Most Third Party Blasters use standard picatinny 20mm rails, NERF guns use their own standard 19mm rails, you need to convert these 19mm rails to 20mm Picatinny then you can use these parts: HERE

Bi-Pods -
Black Stealth - Talon Claw Universal Foam Blaster
ButtStocks for NERF -
Camera Accessories -
Display Racks -
Foam Darts for NERF -
Grips -
Jet Blasters -
Laser Targeting -
Magazines for NERF -
Modeling Tools -
Muzzles for NERF -
O-Rings for NERF -
Rail Panel Covers -
Railings -
Red Dot Sights -
Rifle Scopes -
Scope, Laser & Flashlight Mounts -
Spring Upgrades for NERF
Upgrades for NERF (Generic)
Upgrades for NERF (Specific)
Upgrades for NERF Doublestrike -
Upgrades for NERF HammerShot
Upgrades for NERF Longshot
Upgrades for NERF Retaliator
Upgrades for NERF Rival Blasters -
Upgrades for NERF Stryfe
Vector Workz
Worker - Other Foam Blasters -
Worker - Prophecy Foam Blaster -
Worker - Other Foam Blasters -