Replica Weaponry

We DO NOT sell anything illegal, airsoft guns & parts, lasers that burn, bali-song knives etc. You people already KNOW they are NOT allowed in Singapore, so stop asking! If the authorities require any information on your purchases, do refer to them your proof of purchase from us.

Even though they are toys, take note that some guns have actual lasers. Please use common sense and DO NOT be a fucking cock and shine them at another person's eyes! All guns are for DISPLAY only. There is no warranty for sound, light or electronics issues, only for physical damage noted on day of purchase itself. Why? Reflect HERE.

Any Guns, Accessories, Knives, etc need to be approved by the police before import into Singapore. If you need anything, do email us and we will try seek approval and order them for you. If not allowed, too bad, you have to make one out of cardboard yourself :)

Note of Caution from Arms & Explosives: All modified guns are to be kept in a place of dwelling solely for display purposes, and should not be carried in public places or in view of the public. Anyone who needs to carry anything that resembles a gun in public that may cause unnecessary alarm to any member the public is required to seek approval from the Police Licensing Division @ Tel: 6835 0000. For more information, please refer to SPF website: LINK

Toys DO NOT have Warranty.


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