Green Marine Watches

Green Marine Watches prides itself in their country. That’s why we have created the most unique watches to those who guard our land and protect us every day with their efforts and sometimes, at the risk of their own lives. That’s why we think they deserve quality watches to uphold the values of strength, commitment and sacrifice that makes them so unique.

Our watches are all made to fit the lifestyle Marines have. All our watches are 100% waterproof, and come with a unique packaging that will make sure that the watch resists the most adverse conditions. We have worked relentlessly in order to make our watches not only strong, but with a quality that cannot be compared with any other watches in the world. Most watches are made for the style of the day to day man, but Green Marine Watches have to endure a lot of travelling and a lot of hassle, so we have made them resistant, without losing the essence of what a good looking watch needs to be.

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