WithArmour Knives

WithArmour is a new high-tech tactical outdoor brand. The WithArmour team has been producing tactical and outdoor knives and tools for more then 15 years and we know what makes sense for our customers. Our main mission is to give our customers a product which they can rely on during their outdoor and tactical activities, something which will never let them down. We are really passionate about producing high quality and affordable equipment.

All our products are made from modern and high tensile strength materials, developing our own manufacturing methods and functional details. Moreover, our designers are working really hard creating tactical styled knives and tools, which are not only for tactical applications but also functional daily use. We are always trying to make our products multipurpose, suitable for everyone, by adopting the tactical style to outdoor activities. The combination of tactical style for the everyday outdoors makes our products unique, while the combination of the steadfast quality at an affordable price point for everyone. This is the main driving passion for the WithArmour Knives and Tools team.

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