Longshot Shell Support Set

Price: S$25.00

In one 3D printed set there are:
- 2x front supports
- 4x rear supports
- 2 catch supports

The front supports are the biggest pieces and are mirror images of each other. They fit into the shell gaps above the magwell area, in front of the plunger tube The 2 catch supports are the smallest pieces and are exact copies, interchangable for both sides of the shell. They are placed directly infront of where the catch springs are seated. It would be helpful to put the supports in the side with the internals before doing the other side The 4 rear supports go into the slots in the shell between the plunger tube and the catchplate. They are seperated into 2 pairs, the first pair slots into the shell half that holds the internals, they are flat on all sides. The other pair slots into the other shell half and have indents that make an almost complete circle. These parts are all unique and non interchangable, if it does not fit in the slot, its probably the wrong piece for it The shell supports were designed and made to be friction fitted into the longshot shell.

Due to differences between every longshot shell, some pieces may be too loose or too tight. Supergluing the pieces in place is recommended.

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