Jet Blasters - Katana Magazines (2pc)

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The new Katana magazine system is a revolution in compact ammo storage for your Stefan breech foam shooting blasters.  For years, even Stefan magazines using shorter darts kept the full width of the magazine well for compatibility with magazine fed foam blasters for backward compatibility.  It was a shortcut that saved players very little room in their mag pouch space. Well, no more.

The Katana mags uses only half the width of the magazine well to store Stefan darts and use a full-length adapter to use in all retail stock foam blasters.  The advantage is that one can store the same amount of ammo with half the bulk to carry around slimmer magazines, easier to move around within the heat of battle.

In addition, these magazines fit into the new soon-to-be-released Archer pistol without the need for an adapter.   These magazines are a revolution in not only magazine design, but possibly future blasters to use them as well.

Twin magazine packs without adapter sold separately.

Length: 232mm
Width: 195mm
Height: 43.7mm
Weight: 47 grams
Capacity: 15 darts

Height: 83mm
Width: 27mm
Weight: 45 Grams

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  • Manufactured by: Jet Blasters

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