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In our modern lifestyle, our bodies are depleted of negative ions due to environmental stresses caused by electronics like mobile phones, air conditioning, etc.

The POWER IONICS bracelets are designed to release negative ions into your body the moment you put them on. Ranked among the most powerful compared to other similar products of their kind, POWER IONICS bracelets and necklaces are known to radiate more than 2000 negative ions a second!
  POWER IONICS wearers around the world have reported numerous benefits after wearing Power Ionics Bracelets & Necklaces:

- Improved strength
- Improved flexibility and decreased stiffness
- Improved sleep
- Improved balance

Thermography Tests:
POWER IONICS negative ion necklaces and bracelets significantly enhance the wearer's blood circulation. This increase in circulation may assist with the body’s ability to recover from injury and may assist those who suffer from poor circulation.A test was done to monitor body temperature variations after wearing the Power Ionics. Observations on the thermal imaging devices show skin generating more heat, indicating an obvious improvement in blood circulation

Ion Meter Testing:


Consumers should beware of purchasing any products that claim to produce negetive ions. Power Ionics use Genuine Sourced minierals that have been tested with a certified negative ion meter.

The CORECOM. INC Ion tester (Made in Japan) - IT-717 is the testing meter currently on the market that is designed specifically to test the emittance of negative ions from stone or ceramics. Genuine Power Ionics will always rate 2000 ion or more per SECOND!

Case Studies:
Goel N, Etwaroo G.R.   Department of Psychology, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, USA. Psychological Medicine
“The auditory stimulus, bright light and high-density ions all produced rapid mood changes - with small to medium effect sizes - in depressed and non-depressed subjects, compared with the low-density placebo, despite equivalent pre-study expectations. Thus, these stimuli improve mood acutely in a student sample, including a subset with depressive symptoms.”
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