BowForBold - Midnight Blue Quiver X Sports Bag

Price: S$187.00

Size of Quiver X: 42cm x 28cm x 15cm

Quiver X is the Ultimate 3-in-1 Everyday Carry. Designed for the daily commuter, active gym-goer and frequent traveller in mind, its intuitive organization keeps your gym shoes, laptop and essentials just a zip away.

You can move seamlessly from place to place, from indoor to out, from work to play in just one pack. Carrying just a single bag for your life's activities has been our promise since our first Kickstarter campaign. We are committed to meeting that every single time. Always have, always will.

Packed with interior and exterior organisational pockets, dedicated compartments for both a laptop and tablet, plus a quick access card slot pocket with RFID protection, Quiver X is constructed to meet your everyday adventures.

Convenience - All in one section:
Whether you’re pitching in the field or the boardroom, we got your back. Leave your dirty kicks in the large compartment and pull your laptop from the all-new laptop compartment, padded for extra protection.

Auto-lock zip mechanism:

Traveling is now an everyday affair. But with great traveling comes the need for great security. In New York City alone, the NYPD reported 3000 pickpocketincidents a month,with most cases going unreported. Each day, more than 400,000 pickpocketing incidentshappen around the world.

The problem with existing anti-theft bags... Imagine having to dial the same 3 digit code every time you open your bag for your laptop. And then again for your charging cables. And then again for your notebook if you forget it.

In fact, as high as 50% of users reported not even using the locking functions of their bags for everyday usage. At BOW,we wanted to solve that. After thousands of emails, brainstorming and a whole lot of designing, we're proud to introduce Quiver X’s Auto-lock zip mechanism.

Want to lock your bags and secure your valuables? Just touch the zips together(yes, it's that magical!) Want to unlock it? Just pull it to the side and voila.

Quiver X VS Other Anti-theft Bags

Suitable for travellers and daily commuters alike, the privacy pouch acts like a safefor your most valuable items (passport, money, wedding ring…) against pickpockets and other potential threats.

Showering after a hard run or a night in the office? Quiver X’s 180 shower compartment comes with dedicated pockets for your toiletries and clothes. Hook Quiver X on the shower door and grab what you need at a glance.

Navigate your phone anytime, anywhere. Integrating a waterproof touch-sensitive fabric, Quiver X enables you to navigate your phone through the pocket – in the shower, or when your hands are grimy from the rock wall.

With an enhanced lightweight material for the G hook, you can now switch between different styles effortlessly. No more switching bags when you travel or hop on your bike—one bag is all you need.

Now, with an added luggage flap on days of long travels. Detachable Sternum straps are also included to ensure a more secure fit when you’re on the move.

At the end of a hot, sweaty summer, your pack does not smell like a bed of roses. Shoulder straps and back panels usually soak up as much of your sweat as possible. Before you know it, the bacteria outbreak from your carry releases a foul-smelling odor.

Washing your bag can severely harm the bag’s shape and material, and even mess up the zipper on the exterior.

Through months of collaborating with a renowned Swiss company, we managed to come up with our own smell-proof technology. This antibacterial agent prevents any bacteria from latching on to Quiver X. Now, your carry remains fresh smelling for your next meeting even after a heavy workout.


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