OWS Germany - Disc Brake Quiet Anti Squeal 550 (400ml)

Price: S$35.00

If sanding blocks, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, dish washing soaps, disc brake cleaners, degreasers, Re-Alignments of Discs & Pads did not work for you, the OWS Disc Brake Quit Squeal 550 is the final solution.

Eliminate brake noise, squeals & screeches from your disc brakes with an indefinite long-lasting effect. Anti-seize compound for all round automotive use. High temperature resistant to 1,100 C.

Waterproof: Does not wash off in rain.

Made in Germany

Application: Clean the brake surfaces well, recommended to use OWS 610 Universal Cleaner. Shake the can Well, Simply spray the OWS Disc Brake Quiet Squeal 550 onto the back of your disc brake pads & put it back in holding the sides, careful not to touch and smear the grease while doing so.

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