Contack II - Uniform Soaking Mosquito & Insect Repellent (50ml)

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This one is to soak your uniform to prevent mosquitoes from biting through it

CONTACK-II is a ready to use insect killer and repellent agent for treatment of army uniform, clothes, mosquito nets, hammocks, camping tents and bags, sleeping beds, etc. CONTACK-II is the first line of defense against attack by biting and disease carrying insects.

Permethrin binds tightly to the fabrics. When it is properly treated, it can retain its repellent strength from 2 – 6 weeks or up to 4 washings. Permethrin affects the neurological system of the insects. Upon contact with Permethrin-treated uniform or clothing, the insect will fall off almost immediately. Most will die from this brief contact.

Permethrin is the only synthetic insect repellent approved by the US EPA and Military for treatment of Army Combat Uniform. Perrmethrin treated items reduce the risks of insect invasion. It's rapidly attacking power on the insect's nervous systems prevent the insect from landing to bite. The insect readily move away before the toxin reach fatal level.

CONTACK-II is odourless and environmentally friendly. It is water soluble and does not cause discoloration or stain clothes and materials. There is no irritating smell. In case of skin irritation, wash thoroughly with soap and water. CONTACK-II treated clothing is safe to wear as Permethrin is easily broken down by the skin.

Shake the bottle well before transfer content to a washing container. Pour in the whole bottle of Permethrin or according to your requirement. Mix well with water and soak the uniform or clothes for 60 minutes. Squeeze clothes to remove excess liquid. You can also fill content in a sprayer bottle, hang uniform and spray inside and outside then air dry. Do not dry in the sun. Dilution ratio is 10ml for every 300ml of water. Use a pair of glove when preparing treatment.

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