Black Stealth - Law Enforcement Professional Body Camera (Premiu

Price: S$250.00

Suitable for Officers who handle and interact with a lot of people, or premises do not have video surveillance that cannot cover everywhere they patrol. Where video and audio evidence is important to protect your officers from the misbehaving / false accusing public while on duty. Black Tactical has been testing many cameras for our customers in the law enforcement and security departments, and finally this is the easiest to use, reliable, long lasting & value for money.

We at Black Tactical tested this 4th Generatopm professional grade body camera overnight to last a whooping 16hrs+ recording at 720p on one full charge. When its off, and you turn it on, it takes only 10 seconds to boot up and start recording! (Very important for sudden encounters)

NEW and Improved 4rd Generation Body Camera:

  1. Finally IP68 Level Waterproof so you can stand in the rain and record.
  2. NEW Starlight optics and sensors that can now see a wider angle and better in low light situations and double the resolution from 720p to 1080p!.
  3. New Improved Easy to Operate Mounting Clip that is more durable and stiffer spring and steel backing
  4. Reinforced ballistic grade plastics used in firearms for shock and crack resistant body in case you fall.
  5. We tested the Extra large battery now can last 16hrs+ on 720p.
  6. Slightly Wider Angle than before with 142 Degree Lens with general focus, so it sees more with a better perspective.
  7. Encrypted with Password Protected Settings, so staff and users cannot anyhow press and change the settings and modify footage.
  8. New Red Blue Police Enforement Safety flashing beacon so people in the dark can see you and dont langa you.
  • Stable and strong Optional removable pocket clip on the back.
  • Designed to be MOST simple usage of all, turn on press record and that's it.
  • Forward facing microphone picks up clear voices and conversations.
  • Dimensions: H8cm x W5cm x D2.5cm
  • Can take still .jpeg pictures on the overkill 36mp camera.
  • Built in 32gb password secured memory (Stores approx 2hrs 45mins of 1080p Video (Full Colour), 4hrs 45mins of 720p Video (Full Colour)
  • Resolution: 1920*1080, 30fps, @ ? mins battery life (Night mode with Night Vision ON)
  • Resolution: 1920*1080, 30fps, @ ? mins battery life (Day time with Night Vision OFF)
  • Resolution: 1280*720, 30fps, @ ? hrs battery life, (Night mode with Night Vision ON) (32gb Stores 7hrs of Footage, Looping Records over the oldest file)
  • Resolution: 1280*720, 30fps, @ 16+hrs battery life, (Day time with Night Vision OFF) (32gb Stores 7hrs of Footage, Looping Records over the oldest file)

No Bullshit, No Video Enhancement Raw footage from the camera:

Extremely Simple Operation and Usage:

  • Press and hold the [Power] button for 2 seconds: Powers on unit within 8 seconds (Green Light Appears)
  • Press [Video]: Takes a Video (You will feel a vibration to indicate it started recording)
  • Press [Photo]: Takes a Photo (You will feel a vibration to indicate it took a picture)
  • If you tap the power button it will off the screen to save energy while recording, you can set auto screen off while recording also.
  • Press and hold the [Power] button for 2 seconds: Everything will power down
  • Night Vision will start automatically once ambient light brightness around camera is lower than 20 lux and video is in black and white.
  • To change resolution or any other settings, you need to key in the default password 000000, access the video files on the computer also same password. You can change this password anytime, if you forget then your problem its secure password encryption, one one can access the video and pics without the password.

  • Shipping Weight: 0.6kg

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