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Travelmall - King's Metal Sterilisation Mask Storage Bag -

Travelmall - King's Metal Sterilisation Mask Storage Bag

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The importance of hygienic mask storage  - Even if you wear a good mask, while eating when you remove the mask temporarily, there is still a chance for different varieties of bacteria attaching to your masks in this short time

This Sterilisation Mask Storage Bag is designed for you to store your mask temporarily, for example, as a temporary storage option while eating. This sterilisation mask storage bag is patented and has a unique hexagonal metal sheet (77% copper, 22% tin alloy, 1% silver) to allow sufficient space between metal and air thus improving the antibacterial effect!

  • Silver - provides strong antibacterial and antiseptic action
  • Copper - Copper is antibacterial in the same way as silver. Sterilisation may assist in killing bacteria, and may have the effect of suppressing and even deodorising
  • Tin, with non-toxic coating materials with similar function of Fungicide, has been used for storage boxes in many industries. It has the effect of preventing the corrosion of King’s metal 

Whenever you wear your mask, you can now keep your mask clean and hygienic in the King’s Metal antibacterial mask bag! Use this sterilisation mask storage bag as one of your hygienic approaches. There are zippers in the mask storage bag, which can help to seal the bag, allows a splash-proof effect and protects your mask properly.  Keeps the disposable used masks when you go to work or go to school, and keeps them in the King’s Metal antibacterial mask bag. 100% Made in Korea

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