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Tactical Anti-Heat Tank Top (Compression)
Tactical Anti-Heat Tank Top (Compression)
Tactical Anti-Heat Tank Top (Compression)

Tactical Anti-Heat Tank Top (Compression)

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Affordable enough for everyday wear, our special material shirts are designed to be worn under body armor or clothing and to provide anti-heat comfort for a long workday.

Special Features:

  • Seamless shoulder for comfort under heavy loads from tactical vests or backpacks.
  • Quality Spandex Fabric Mix allows full stretch comfort and unrestricted motion.
  • Anti-odor super moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Quick Drying, Washes and dries extremely fast overnight.
  • Soft Calibrated Compression: Holds your skin and muscles in place to reduce excessive movement due to inertia, which reduces fatigue and improves your endurance.
  • Extreme elastic stretchability, it is not overly tight until it causes movement restriction.
For Chest Unit Logo Printing, kindly go though your S4 / Logistics Dept.
For SAF you need to wear the OD, SPF the Black one. To be worn around openly in camp as vest-slacks you might need to have your unit logo on it to qualify as a Unit T-Shirt, do check with your RSM.

Size Chart: Do note for this kind of compression clothing designs, we can only estimate based on your height and weight, chest size not a very accurate measure.

No Exchange, No Warranty... Its underwear.....

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