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Kitz Conqest - Possession 168 Shampoo & Body Gel -
Kitz Conqest - Possession 168 Shampoo & Body Gel -

Kitz Conqest - Possession 168 Shampoo & Body Gel

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Possession 168 is a unque all-in-one shampoo and body gel, that cleanses deeply into the pores of the skin and scalp keeping it healthy and without causing any dryness.

As a shampoo it prevents split ends, dandruff, itchy scalp and reduces hair loss. As a Body wash, it prevents athlete's foot, ring worm, white spots, and skin infections.

With daily use, Possession also prevents fungal growth on bath tile grouting, slimy shower curtains and soap scum accumulation beneath anti-slip mats.

Main Active Ingredients:
Botanic extracts from (aloe vera, castor seed, coconut, pinus palustris, red oil, teatree), natural forming & wetting agents.
Quality Made in Singapore

Tested and Proven with good feedback From Black Tactical Customers:
“End of the day my feet not as stinky”
“Travelling now I just bring one small bottle instead of 3 for my hair, face & body, I even use it to wash my underwear.”
“I had an unknown rash on my leg for months, 2 weeks after using this its like almost gone!”
“My hair feels extra clean compared to the other branded shampoo I have.”
“No bullshit, the toilet floor really seems cleanerafter 1 week of using.”
“Best thing to have outfield, you can use a little to wash your utensils, can cos its not toxic.”

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