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Kiloniner - FR1 Respirator Mask (4 KN95 Filters)

Kiloniner - FR1 Respirator Mask (4 KN95 Filters)

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Kiloniner - FR1 Respirator Mask KN95
Replacement Spare Filters: LINK
Available in Tan, Moss Green and Grey
Made of hi-quality cotton fabric and an activated carbon filtration system, this mask will keep out dust, pollen, pollution, smoke and germs. The mask comes with 4x interchangeable activated carbon filters that are the key to breathing clean air. Just insert one of the filters into the cotton mask and gain added protection.
For added comfort, it comes with a one-way breathing valve that vents heat and moisture, adjustable nose bridge and adjustable elastic ear straps. Built with durable construction and hi-quality cotton material, this reusable mask is perfect for long term, extended use. The FR1 Respirator comes in three color schemes, black, tan and green with Shemagh style print.
- 4x Interchangeable activated carbon filters
- Adjustable nose bridge
- Adjustable elastic ear straps
- One-way breathing valve
- Hand washable
- Hi-quality cotton mask fabric
- Durable construction
Activated Carbon Filters: Each mask comes with 4x interchangeable activated carbon filters rated at PM2.5. The PM2.5 rating will block Particle Matter (PM) of up to 2.5 microns in size which includes smoke and smog and will also absorb viruses, bacteria and gases. With daily use, the filters are effective in filtering for up to a week.
Care Instruction: Masks are reusable and should be hand washed with warm water and gentle detergent, then air dried. Activated carbon filters should be removed and breathing valve may also be removed during washing.
Returns and Exchanges: Due to the nature of these masks, all sales are final and we will not accept returns or exchanges. Please refer to sizing chart before purchase.

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