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FerDeLance Dart Set (V2)(300pcs)
FerDeLance Dart Set (V2)(300pcs)
FerDeLance Dart Set (V2)(300pcs)

FerDeLance Dart Set (V2)(300pcs)

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 The Tip of the Lance in French = Literally the "iron of the lance." Ferum = Iron in Latin. A symbolic meaning of the "Tip of the Spear"; the cutting edge of research / warfare / knowledge.

- 1 set comes with 30pcs
- Fits Nerf Streamline Magazines
- Low density Shoots much further than original streamline
- Increased Accuracy from weighted rubber head
- Increased Flight time due to low density
- More predictable flight path
- Black manly body
- When shot, the hollow section will expand slightly to fit the bore and provide a good seal within a fraction of a second .
- The solid head in the front and the hollow in back will work to prevent the pellet from tumbling

V2 Improvements:
- SOLID Red tip for more manly games.
- More Perfect Barrel Seal to improve air pressure performance
- Slightly Shorter Body to avoid Magazine Jams
- Fly Wheel Blaster Compatible
- Same low price

Note: Please remove the Dart-Stick to optimise the performance for those models that use spring.

Models Tested & Confirmed Compatible:
Long Shot, Long Strike, Recon, Retailator, Rampage, Slingfire, Side Strike, Stampede, Vulcan, etc

Models that need to remove Dart-Stick due to Odd Variance in Dimensions:
Nite-Finder, Maverick, Fire-Strike, Strongarm, Rough-Cut, Hammershot, Sweet Revenge, Jolt, Triad, etc

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