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Dragon Steel - (KN-402-PP) Straight Knife PP -

Dragon Steel - (KN-402-PP) Straight Knife PP

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Assassins are one of the oldest industries in human history. Chinese occupation assassin first appeared in the Spring and Autumn Period, due to political reasons, the assassination responsible for the target person. Assassin assassination tends to in a short time, so that the target people and their related things suffered a fatal blow.
Assassin's goal is assassination. Its use of weapons must not to be publicity, so the size will be smaller that the assassins often choose to use the knife, dagger, tiger claw knife (Colombi / Columbia / Tiger knife) And other short weapons you can find in this series.

Length 300mm?
The full length of handle 115mm?
The length of the blade body 175mm?
The thickest of blade 6mm?
The thinnest of blade 4mm
The thickest of back blade 4mm?Weight 71g

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