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Altai - MF Super Fabric Hiking Boots 6" (CYB Fabric) Side Zip -
Altai - MF Super Fabric Hiking Boots 6" (CYB Fabric) Side Zip -
Altai - MF Super Fabric Hiking Boots 6" (CYB Fabric) Side Zip
Altai - MF Super Fabric Hiking Boots 6" (CYB Fabric) Side Zip

Altai - MF Super Fabric Hiking Boots 6" (CYB Fabric) Side Zip

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Technology is a large aspect of what separates the ALTAI™ tactical boot from others. Tactical footwear must be carefully planned, designed, created and distributed. Our innovative, tactical boot design accomplishes many purposes; you can rely on it for military use, industrial wear, woodland adventures or even a long run on the pavement. It has been created to facilitate your plan of action, with a combination of science, research and down-to-earth experience.

logo_superfabricThe SuperFabric® materials are used in the upper. SuperFabric® technology consists of highly abrasion resistant and durable materials that are made to withstand and conqueror through harsh environments and rough applications. The flexible fabric has an overlaid surface of tiny, evenly distributed plates of protection; creating an amazingly light and breathable material that dries rapidly and resists much of the normal wear and tear of daily use.


The SuperFabric® technology is not only abrasion resistant but it also protects against slashes. It can stand up against rock, brush and other elements that have damaging effects. It has such an extreme durability that it is used in motorcycle applications, industrial work gloves, public transit seats, outdoor apparel and so much more.

Stain Resistance

There is really something to say about a protective material that can also look good while doing its intended job. SuperFabric® is configured so the ALTAI™ tactical boot can stay a sleek black, while holding up to the elements by resisting stains. It has durability, with looks to match and features that preserve the appealing boot design.


SuperFabric® is highly water resistant, which makes it an excellent boot upper. Combine that with its high levels of breath-ability, not to mention the soft, comfortable feel, you won’t have a reason to ever take the ALTAI™ tactical boots off.


The ALTAI™ tactical boot does feature a polish-able leather toe but dueling with the SuperFabric® materials leads to an incomparable lightweight and flexible fit; an option that traditional materials can’t provide. This tactical boot has an edge that competitors have yet to discover.

Quick Drying

SuperFabric® dries up to 10 times faster than leather. The Suberfabric material doesn’t absorb water; therefore any liquid contact does not pose a threat. The extreme drying speed is just another one of the many advantage of the ALTAI™ tactical boot.

VIBRAM® Outsoles

VIBRAM® is a well-recognized and trusted name for quality and long-lasting outsoles that preform to the highest degree. These outsoles feature a non-marking, slip resistant material that preform consistently in both wet and dry conditions, as well as, in a variety of terrains. The VIBRAM® outsole is found on every ALTAI™ tactical boot and ensures maximum execution, in even the worst of circumstances.


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