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GoalZero - Luna USB LED Light

GoalZero - Luna USB LED Light

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The Luna 1 watt USB stick light is handy to illuminate anything from a keyboard to tent. The Luna's low power draw makes it a long lasting light solution.

Guide 10 Battery Pack 10 hours
Sherpa 50 Power Pack 50 hours
Sherpa 120 Power Pack 120 hours
Escape 150 Power Pack 150 hours
Ranger 350 Power Pack 350 hours
* Light is rated for 20,000 hrs of use. Above powering times are the amount the light can be run before the corresponding power pack needs to be recharged.

Input Sources

Output Ports
12.5V±2V (0.26A : 12V)

1 watt LED

Product Weight (no pkg) 1.40 oz 40 grams Product Dimensions (inch) (cm) Warranty Twelve months

Operating Temperatures
Optimal Operating 32°-104°F 0°-40°C Optimal Storage 32°-86°F 0°-30°C

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