Beretta M93R Pistol

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The Beretta Model 93R is a selective-fire machine pistol made by the Italian Beretta company and derived from their semi-automatic Model 92. The "R" stands for Raffica which means "burst" in Italian. The pistol was designed in the 1970s and meant for police and military use, offering extra firepower in a small package and is suited for concealed carry purposes such as VIP protection, or for close quarters fighting such as room-to-room searches. A selector switch and the foldable foregrip allows the pistol to fire three round bursts with each pull of the trigger for a cyclic rate of 1100 rounds per minute.

The designers limited it to fixed three-round bursts to allow it to be more easily controlled. The 93R is basically a Beretta 92 series pistol but the 93R is single action and outfitted with a muzzle brake, an optional detachable shoulder stock and a 20-round magazine that also allowed for a firmer grip. The foldable foregrip works by letting the right hand carry out its normal function of operating the trigger and grasping the butt. For the left hand, a small grip is folded down in front of the longer trigger guard.

The operator inserts his left thumb in the front of the trigger guard and the rest of the fingers of the left hand grab the front grip. This kind of grip is much steadier than the usual two-handed grip around the butt as both hand are spaced to provide a longer holding base. The 93R is currently out of production.

Material: Full Plastic

Finish: Black, Silver and Bronze painted

Full Length (extended): 26cm

Mounts & Parts: collapsible grip

Firing: Sound

Batteries: AA

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