MTB NEO Hellcat 180 Motor Upgrade for NERF (1pc)

Price: S$19.00

Price is for 1 Motor, Most mods you need 2pcs.

The MTB Neo Hellcat is the premier motor offered by MTB. The ultra high strength neodymium magnets give these motors their high torque while maintaining a high, but still reasonable current draw. These motors are an upgrade over the MTB Hellcat, and is a top tier flywheel motor. These motors also feature ball bearings instead of bushings that may need a light oiling upon receiving.

See Additional Information for motor specifications.

WARNING: Please know what you are doing before attempting such complicated overkill mods. Don't buy already then say dunno how to mod.

NO WARRANTY: As these are used for mods, Motors will be tested before handing them over to you.


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