H&K MP5SD Body Kit for Stryfe

Price: S$25.00

MP5SD Kit for Stryfe

Consists of front shell for modding Stryfe to MP5SD

Nerf Blaster Not included
Butt Stock Not included

Kit Includes: Handguard body shell

Nozzle connector sold seperately.

Nozzle connector link here: http://black-tactical.com/store/foam-blasters-parts-upgrades-for-nerf-stryfe-c-10_249_253/replacement-body-kit-front-attactment-for-nerf-stryfe-p-8035

Silencer sold seperately

Silencer link here: http://black-tactical.com/store/foam-blasters-parts-muzzles-for-nerf-c-10_249_260/nerf-muzzle-with-silencer-long-p-7223

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